Here are selected student evaluations from Islamic History & Civilizations – 1: The Rise of Islam & the Caliphate (Autumn 2016). I was the undergraduate TA.

  • Kara is a good leader in the classroom. She is encouraging and helpful and it seemed like the genuinely wanted the students to succeed. Certain gestures really stood out – she was prompt at answering emails and made herself available for office hours and meetings, coordinated a shared study guide for us to all work on together, and quizzed us on important terms at discussion section to help us prepare for the exam. She also did a great job at facilitating discussion. I’ve never had a more prepared or supportive TA.
  • Kara was extremely enthusiastic about the topic and always willing to meet outside of class. Furthermore, she facilitated discussions during section very effectively and kept the class engaged throughout; she certainly broadened my understanding of the readings and topics in the course as a whole. I would absolutely want to take another class with Kara. I can’t think of any weaknesses.
  • Kara was very prepared for discussions, with good questions and interpretations to help us work through the readings. She was clearly very devoted to helping us learn the material, and made herself very accessible outside of class too.
  • Kara was very enthusiastic and clearly worked very hard to make discussions an enjoyable experience. She put a lot of effort into helping us prepare for exams, more than you would expect from a TA. It sometimes showed that her expertise wasn’t exactly this area, but regardless of that, she was still able to provide a lot of insight.
  • Kara is a great TA. She was always available outside of class if we needed help on anything, and she was a fair grader. Her discussion sections were helpful in preparing for the exams, and she also always made sure to have a review session before the midterm and final.